The decentralized forums platform

Orbitum Space is the decentralized forums platform, thanks to blockchain technology

Archived and uncensorable content

Unlike other platforms, all content is archived and publicly retrievable through the blockchain, even if the website closes

Files sent over IPFS

The platform also offers the means to send files that are stored quasi-permanently on IPFS, a decentralized network similar to torrents

Cryptoactive forums

The platform provides users with a token named ORBTM, as well as a totally innovative forum system inspired by Harberger's taxation
Using the token, you can thank a user, but also support or buy a forum

Platform under development

Much of the code is open-source and new features arrive regularly


For any question you can contact us

Terms and conditions of use

TLDR: Do not post anything illegal

Privacy policy

TLDR: We don't sell anything to anyone