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1 year ago Hello to the members of the orbitrum forum, today I start a new journey more seriously than before and I will show my progress in this topic. The objective is simple, i will make insane money on instagram by buying some IG pages, grow and flip it. So, here is the plan 👇 ## 1. Search for an instagram page with great potential To find a page with a good potential, I will first list a few dozen pages in themes with great potential. [] Car niche, Travel niche, Fitness niche,... I will analyze the engagement of the pages and for those fulfilling my criteria, I will dm the owners to propose them a buyout. And then, negotiate the price to the maximum while offering a reasonable proposal. I will also build pages starting from 0 ## 2. Grow followers & engagement With my new pages or the ones I could buy cheaply, I'll start posting some quality content, buy followers & likes on a platform like [www.socialguru.co] for a bigger engagement. To produce quality content, I'll make short videos with subtitled content. For the posts, I will use a free software like [canva.com] Buying followers and engagement (likes, views, etc) is cheap, making posts and shorts is free so I'll be able to make very large multiples with this strategy. ## 3. Resell page with a big multiplier A few weeks later, I will post my pages for resale on the biggest instagram page marketplaces and on various business forums. I have done this before and have already managed to make a few thousand dollars with this strategy. So I plan to do this in bulk to try to make 6 figures this year with this strategy. Are you interested in following my journey? Would you like me to share my best flip under this topic?
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